September 16, 2020

Welcome Interim Superintendent Dr. Azinger


The Ankeny Board of Education is pleased to announce Dr. Al Azinger was unanimously appointed as the Interim Superintendent of Schools for the Ankeny Community School District. Dr. Azinger has significant experience as a secondary and university administrator. He will step in as Interim Superintendent on September 16, 2020 when current Interim Superintendent, Dr. Jen Lindaman will assume her permanent role as Chief Officer of Academic Services for Ankeny Community School District.

“I am thrilled that Dr. Azinger has agreed to serve as the Ankeny Interim Superintendent, his expertise in growing leaders, and his dedication to public education make him the perfect leader for our school district,” stated Dr. Lindaman. “The Ankeny Community Schools values of community, challenge, leadership, excellence and inspiration were exemplified in Dr. Azinger’s responses to our interview teams giving us the utmost confidence in his ability to support our mission: Ankeny Community Schools is unified in its commitment, passion, and vision so every learner is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success.”

“The Ankeny School Board is pleased to welcome Dr. Al Azinger for the 2020-2021 school year. We appreciate the experience and depth of knowledge he brings to that role and we look forward to working with him. We are also grateful to Dr. Jen Lindaman for her leadership as she stepped in to temporarily fill that role,” said Lori Lovstad, President, Ankeny Board of Education.

Prior to joining the Ankeny Administrative Team, he served as Dean of the College of Education for Illinois State University. Throughout his years as an educator, he has served as Superintendent of Schools in Lawrence, Kansas and Associate Superintendent in Iowa City, IA.

Dr. Azinger received his Bachelor of Arts from Northeast Missouri State. He also holds a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Western Illinois University; and a Doctorate of Education from University of Iowa.

“It’s an exciting opportunity,” stated Dr. Azinger. “I’m looking forward to working to maintain the high quality of education represented in Ankeny Schools during this transition.”

Dr. Azinger has strong ties to Ankeny and the school district. His daughter’s family calls Ankeny home and his three grandchildren are currently attending Ankeny schools.

August 28, 2020

Welcome to East Information!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new and returning families, students and staff and share my excitement about the upcoming 2020-21 school year. It is a sincere honor to be a part of such an outstanding school community. East enjoys a rich history of academic, extracurricular and social success thanks to partnerships among staff, families, and the community. I look forward to working alongside you to continue the important work of giving our students an education that develops their academic, social, emotional, physical and artistic strengths.

In terms of programming, East will continue its collaborative efforts to create significant and authentic experiences for students. Grounded in our work as a professional learning community, staff will continue to refine practices that individualize instruction for students. All East teachers completed their 4th consecutive year of math professional learning over the summer which will continue to change the methods used with students in mathematics and all content areas. We are incredibly enthusiastic to have our newest members of the East family join us on this journey and we are confident that their educational backgrounds will help make us an even greater support for students and families.

Further, all East staff members are very excited to continue our commitment to the Ankeny Community School District and intend to ensure that East continues its history of providing a supportive environment for every student.  Please enjoy the last days of summer vacation with family and friends! As we prepare our students to begin a school year in these unprecedented times, below you will find several items of importance. Please take some time to review.


Andrew Burg – East Elementary Principal

Video Overview

READ****Please note that the video directly below was made on 8-13-20. At the 13:40 mark of the video there is a slide that says that start dates are Aug. 24 for group 1 and Aug. 25 for group 2. Since the delay was announced on 8-14-20, the original document is now inaccurate. The first day of school for group 1 is Aug. 27 and Aug. 28 for group 2.

Principal Video Reviewing General Topics for the 20-21 School Year

Brief Teacher Made Video of East

Select one of the the two links for a short introductory video of East Elementary 

  • link ​to an Adobe website where it is stored
  • link to an East Welcome Video File

THybrid Schedule and Calendar for August/September

The first day of school is August 27. Here is the hybrid calendar to begin the school year. The on site group schedule is as follows:

Group 1 – Monday, Thursday, and alternating Wednesdays

Group 2 – Tuesday, Friday, and alternating Wednesdays 

Students will report directly to class when they arrive on their assigned day. Doors open at 7:40 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 9:55 on Wednesday. 

When students are not at school, their teacher will provide required asynchronous (learning that occurs at home away from the teacher) learning activities for students to complete independently.  The approximate amount of time your student will be expected to engage in asynchronous learning is below:

Kdg-2nd grade:

20-25 Reading 

15-20 Writing

20-25 math 

15-20 Science/SS or integrated

3rd-5th grade:

25-30 Reading 

25-30 Writing

25-30 math 

15-20 Science/SS or integrate

Your child’s teacher will communicate additional details in the coming days. 

Schedule for students participating in online remote learning

A daily routine for students in the required online remote learning environment is critical. For this reason, daily schedules for synchronous and asynchronous learning have been developed.  More details and information will be provided by your child’s assigned teacher. 

Example of Elementary Daily Schedule

Safety Procedures

  • It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to take the students temperature prior to coming to school. 
  • Students will be required to wear masks while on the bus and in the building except when eating.  
  • Students will also use hand sanitizer upon arrival and throughout the day. 
  • Breakfast/lunch will be eaten in the cafeteria or in the classroom while maintaining 6 ft distance. Students will need to bring a water bottle.
  • Parents and visitors will not be allowed into the building except for necessary visits the office. 
  • We are in the process of purchasing break-away lanyards that attach to masks for students to wear.

Arrival Procedures (please note we will continue to monitor procedures and will adjust as needed)

  • Students can enter the building no earlier than 7:40. Students wear a mask and either go to the cafeteria if they are eating breakfast or go directly to their classrooms (no gym).
  • Bus riders, day care students and breakfast students will all enter at the cafeteria doors (W2) on the north side of the building
  • Kindergarten/1st grade car riders (enter from the south entrance on SE 3rd Street) and walkers will enter the door next to the art room (W12) on the west side of the building.
  • 2nd-5th grade car riders (enter from the south entrance on SE 3rd Street) and walkers will enter the main entrance.
  • Please do not drop students off prior to 7:40 (9:55 on Wednesdays) because staff are not on contract and cannot supervise students.

Dismissal Procedures (please note we will continue to monitor procedures and will adjust as needed)

  • Bus riders, day care students and before and after school day care students will be escorted to the appropriate bus by staff members.
  • K-1 classroom teachers will escort car riders (enter from the south entrance on SE 3rd Street) and walkers out of the exit on the east side of the school and line students up on the south sidewalk/grass area for parent pick-up. If a K-1 student has a 2nd-5th sibling, the older sibling will wait in this area as well. 
  • 2nd-5th grade classroom teachers will escort car riders (enter from the south entrance on SE 3rd Street) and walkers out exits on the west side of the building and line students up on the west sidewalk/grass area for parent pick-up.


Each grade level will have individual recess and lunch blocks throughout the course of the day. We will utilize recess zones/areas to help support social distancing among individual classrooms. We will have identified seating spots during lunch and breakfast to support social distancing as well. 

On-line Only Students

For those families who have elected the remote learning option, a plan for families to pick-up student Chromebooks is being developed. This plan will be communicated to families in the upcoming days.

*As with any school year, adjustments to plans and procedures will evolve as we monitor activities and respond to data and observations. 

June 8, 2020

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